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Solar Panels

Why should you have your panels cleaned?

Systems can lose up to 40% efficiency depending on debris build up and surrounding environment. i.e marine layer, smog, dry conditions.

Can't I Just Rinse them off?

Rinsing them off will not clean them properly. Our  reach and wash system will safely scrub all layers of dirt and debris through our 3 stage water filter system. Call us for more details and for pricing.

How often should they be cleaned?

We recommend maintaining your panels at least twice a year but there are many factors that determine the frequency of cleanings. Location, environmental and foliage to name a few.

Gutter Cleaning

Dangers of Clogged Gutters

  • Not maintaining your gutter and down spouts can create a number of problems and dangers. 

  • Rodents and pest can make their homes in gutters filled with debris.

  • Dry debris and leaves can be a fire hazard

  • Without proper water flow, roofs can leak i.e. flat roofs.

  • Wet debris becomes extremely heavy, creating stress on the gutter system that it wasn't designed  to hold. Which can create other damage to roof eves.

  • Mold will start to form and grow

Fire Retardant

And More

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